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Duluth Cleaning Contractors is a family run business for the past 32 years.  Most of our customers have been with us since we started cleaning for them.  Because we are actively involved with day to day operations, we are on top of all work being done. We use the latest technology to be connected to our customers and employees which allows us to respond immediately to any situation that may arise.

To best serve our customers, Duluth Cleaning Contractors uses telephone timekeeping software MITC system that lets us know when our employee arrives and exits an account.  The computer will call us if someone is not where they should be.  We also have supervisors out in the field working and stopping nightly to oversee the cleaning.  All of our supervisors can be reached by cell phone, so if an employee runs out of a product or has an equipment break during their shift, we fix it that night.  There is no excuse for service not being carried out.  With MITC software, we are on top of each and every cleaning project.  We believe you as our valued customer deserve this type of service. We make our customers shine.

Charlie Danielson & Steve Danielson ~ Owners  

Duluth Cleaning Contractors,LLC


Duluth Cleaning Contractors

2501 West Superior Street

Duluth MN 55806

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